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Allergen Guide

Having a food intolerance or allergy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy delicious food when you’re out and about. At Pret, we have options to suit a whole range of special diets, so you don’t have to miss out on your favourites when you’re eating with us. 

We’ve listened to Pret customers with allergies who told us about the issues they face when eating on the go. And, from detailed ingredients labels on all our freshly prepared food to more allergy training for our staff, we’ve made keeping you safe our number one priority. 

It’s all part of Pret’s Allergy Plan, our commitment to customers living with food allergies and intolerances. 

Read on to discover how to make the right choice when you’re eating at Pret. But just remember that because we use many ingredients and shared equipment in our shop kitchens, it’s impossible to guarantee that Pret food and drink will be 100% allergen-free

It’s also why our vegan food is not suitable for those with milk or egg allergies, even though it’s made to a vegan recipe. In line with Vegan Society recommendations, we also use the term 'vegan-friendly' to label any products that may not be made in dedicated vegan sites.

Choose the food and drink that’s right for you

Whether you’re popping in for breakfast, a baguette, or a bite in-between, we want to make life easier for customers on special diets. It’s why everything we freshly prepare in our shops also comes freshly labelled with all of its ingredients and 14 of the declarable allergens (plus pine nuts) highlighted in bold. You’ll also find these allergens listed on product shelf tickets. 

If you have any trouble finding what you're looking for, just ask the Manager - they'll be more than happy to help. All our Team Members take Allergy Awareness courses, while Shop Managers sit supervised allergen exams.

You will also see QR code signs in our shops which link through to our online menu, allowing you to filter and check ingredients and allergens

Want to find out if something we sell is right for you before you visit us? Download Pret’s Allergen Guide PDF. It contains all of the products we sell at our UK shops, with allergens listed along the top of the page for easy reference. If a product contains one of these ingredients, you’ll find a tick in the corresponding box. Where a product contains 'Cereals Containing Gluten' and 'Nuts’, you’ll find that specific ingredient listed (for example, wheat, rye, oats). 

If you are interested in an ingredient that’s not one of the allergens we list, check the label on the individual product, or look up the product in our Menu

Please remember to check our Allergen Guide PDF and the ingredient label regularly as recipes do change from time to time. We don’t want anyone to be caught out by a new take on an old favourite.

Other ways we’re helping customers with food allergies

But that’s not all. We’ve given over 70 Pret recipes a makeover, removing one or more allergens without compromising on taste. And we’ve changed Pret’s product development process, to make sure potential allergens are avoided when the recipe is being created. Less allergens, right from the get-go.

We’ve also built on our existing allergy training programme since 2019 to encourage understanding of allergies in every shop, and added allergy awareness to Pret’s weekly “mystery shopper” programme.

Want to know more?

We understand that no matter how detailed our Allergen Guide is, there may be times when it can't answer the questions you may have. If you need to know more, please get in touch with our Customer Service team who will be happy to help.

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