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Our Cappuccino

Our Cappuccino

100% organic, always arabica

The combination of our espresso and perfectly steamed organic milk is what gives the Pret cappuccino its distinctive flavour – rich, intense and velvety with dark chocolate and bittersweet caramel tones.

Mix up your cappuccino order

Mix up your cappuccino order

Switch up your cappuccino order with an organic milk alternative (they’re free!). Our Baristas always recommend using oat milk in a cappuccino but we also have rice-coconut and soya to choose from.

Sustainably sourced beans

Sustainably sourced beans

Every Pret cappuccino starts with our signature espresso; created using a complex blend of hand-picked beans sourced from Honduras, Ethiopia and Sumatra.

We have long-standing relationships with our farmers and set up The Pret Coffee Fund in 2014 to share sustainable farming practices and ensure their land is protected for future generations.

Our skilled Baristas

Our skilled Baristas

Our coffee machines are engineering wonders but it’s our brilliantly trained Baristas that are the wizards behind the Pret cappuccino. Served wet or dry, white or with sprinkles, you can always ask them for a recommendation when it comes to our signature cappuccino (they’re pros!).

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