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Say hello to Pret Perks

Say hello to Pret Perks

Pret Perks is our way of saying thanks to our wonderful customers.

Enjoy all kinds of top-notch treats, rewards and little extras when you shop.

The more you Pret, the more you get!

How it works

Earn a star with every shop

Scan the code in your app, no

minimum spend

Track stars in the app

10 stars = a perk

Pick your perk

From a selection of tasty treats

(lucky you!)

Get bonus stars and perks

When we decide to serve up a

little extra Pret joy!

Get the app to track

Get the app to track

Download the Pret app to see stars and track treats.

Ready? Pret. Go!

Club Pret stars

Club Pret stars

Earn stars every time you:

  • renew you subscription

  • buy anything with your drink

Just when you thought is couldn't get any better!

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