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Soup Rota

Soup Rota

Our soup rota is here to help keep you toasty this Autumn. And we’ve changed how it works, offering you a fortnightly rota to give you more chance to dig into a much-loved favourite, like our Souper Tomato, or try some of our delicious new recipes, like our Lasagne and Souper Greens.

Our teams will always do their best to match the rota, but unfortunately on some days, our daily soups may vary shop to shop based on availability.

To help you work out which week we’re in; our first week of the rota started 4th September.

Daily - Week 1

Monday - Week 1

Tuesday - Week 1

Wednesday - Week 1

Thursday - Week 1

Friday - Week 1

Saturday - Week 1

Sunday - Week 1

Daily - Week 2

Monday - Week 2

Tuesday - Week 2

Wednesday - Week 2

Thursday - Week 2

Friday - Week 2

Saturday - Week 2

Sunday - Week 2