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The Pret Foundation

We’re tackling hunger, poverty and homelessness around the world. We use our global reach to make a difference to the lives of people affected by homelessness, hunger and poverty. We make sure our surplus food reaches people who need it, offer financial support to charities and help to break the cycle of homelessness by providing training and employment opportunities at Pret.

Shelter Manager receiving food donation from The Pret Foundation

Reducing waste and hunger

We’ve always tried to reduce the waste from our shops. We take surplus food to shelters and give it to the people who need it most. For some, it’s their only meal of the day. We do it because it’s the right thing to do.

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Our Rising Stars programme

Giving people an opportunity is central to The Pret Foundation’s mission. People with a criminal record or without an address find it extra hard to break the cycle of homelessness and make a new start. Our Rising Stars programme provides that opportunity. We put the person first, providing them with everything they need to get, and keep a job. From training and travel to accommodation and weekly support groups, your donation supports this essential work.

Meet our Rising Stars
One of our Shooting Stars instore with his arms folded smiling at the camera

Shooting Stars

In 2015 we launched the Shooting Stars scheme. Each year eight of our Rising Stars take on an eight-month program of workshops and off-sites where they master additional skills to help climb the career ladder (whether that be within Pret or beyond).

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Supporting charities

The Pret Foundation supports charities and projects working to help homeless people throughout the UK in communities local to Pret shops. Beyond food donation to shelters and hostels, we also support smaller charities with anything they need; from sleeping bags and kitchen equipment, to funding jobs that are crucial to keeping these much-needed organisations alive.

St Luke's WLM Pret House providing safe accomodation to Rising Stars, through the Rising Stars Programme.

The Pret House at WLM St Luke's

Around 75% of Rising Stars graduate after 14 weeks and almost half stay with Pret for more than a year. But each year, some stars don't graduate. The biggest reason is the lack of accommodation nearby. To help address this we've opened Pret House WLM St Luke's, to provide these stars safe and comfortable accommodation.