Pret's Hot

In their quest to keep Pret's shelves full of oven-fresh, homely food, our Hot Chefs bake in small batches. Little and often. Always keeping an eye on dials and an ear out for dings and buzzers. Straight from the oven. Hot off the shelves.

Selected Items:

Brie, Tomato & Basil Toastie

French Brie, freshly sliced tomato and fragrant basil leaves in our 7-seed bloomer (we counted) and toasted to perfection.

Chicken & Bacon Toastie

Our Chicken and Bacon Toastie is piled with 4 slices of beech smoked higher welfare British streaky bacon and thick cuts of poached British chicken breast. We add our very own light and creamy...

Falafel & Halloumi Hot Wrap

Pret Moroccan falafel balls are baked (never fried) and made from an exotic mix of chickpeas, red peppers, apricots, dates, herbs and spices. We add freshly grilled aubergine slices and firm t...

Grilled Asparagus & Prosciutto on Artisan

Two slices of aged Italian prosciutto, two British asparagus spears and a handful of fresh rocket on our whole grain Artisan baguette. Finished with a dab of mayo and a shake of black pepper.

Halloumi & Red Pepper Toastie

2 thick slices of Greek Halloumi cheese on our delectable 7-seed bloomer bread. This mild, firm textured cheese is perfect with Harissa Crème fraîche, blended with red chillies and essence of ...

Ham, Cheese & Mustard Toastie

The daddy. Our original Toastie, and we refuse to compromise on the high quality ingredients we use in it. That's probably why so many of us here at Pret have had a bit of a love-in with this ...

Jalapeno Chicken Hot Wrap

A hot and spicy combination of British chicken, chilli tomato sauce, peppers, onions and tomatoes with melting Greve cheese. Straight from the oven, hot off the shelves.

Korean BBQ Pulled Pork Quinoa Rice Pot

We use British Pork shoulder that has been slow cooked for hours until it is soft and tender and then hand shredded. To make the delicious sticky sauce we cook chopped ginger in a drizzle of s...

Macaroni Cheese Kale & Cauli

Tubetti rigati pasta and a mature Cheddar Béchamel sauce; freshly prepared British Kale and cauliflower florets. Finished with Italian matured cheese.

Macaroni Cheese Prosciutto

Tubetti rigati pasta, with mature Cheddar Béchamel sauce, cauliflower florets and Italian prosciutto. Topped with Italian matured cheese and served straight from the oven.

Swedish Meatball Hot Wrap

The inspriation for this Hot Wrap is a Swedish recipe but we actually use British pork meatballs. Combined with chilli tomato sauce, red onions and melting Greve cheese, it's a true Pret class...

Sweet Potato and Cauli Quinoa Rice Pot

The art to making a great curry is around slowly toasting the spices and creating the layers of flavour. We create our curry by toasting whole cumin and coriander seeds with black mustard seed...

Tuna Melt Toastie

A top toastie with a confident, punchy taste. We scoop meaty chunks of pole and line caught tuna onto multi-seeded bloomer bread, then grill it along with melting Greve cheese and a scattering...