Our Menu

Pret operates a bit like a restaurant. We build a kitchen in (or very near) every shop where Pret Chefs chop, slice and dice all day.
So you won't find 'sell by' dates on our fresh sandwiches and salads.


All handmade using good, natural ingredients, every full size Pret soup sold donates 10p to the Pret Foundation Trust to help break the cycle of homelessness.


Allergen Guide

Knowing exactly what is in our food (and what’s not) is incredibly important to us. For more information on the ingredients in our products take a look at our handy allergen guide.

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Putting our chickens before our eggs

We only ever use free-range eggs from chickens who have the freedom to roam outside. However, the government has advised that we temporarily move our chickens back into their barns for welfare reasons. This means that for the time being our eggs are barn eggs.